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Mark Zeigler Yacht Sales

Maximizing Quality Listings for the Marketplace

We know how hard the decision to sell can be, and worse, not even knowing where to start.

We have a proven recipe for success that unfetters you throughout the entire process.

Jacksonville is the best

location to sell a boat from.

Easy access via waterways,

highways, and airports.


Professional, comfortable office

ideally located for maximum

support and service.

Concierge Service for every

step of the process from

first interview to final paperwork.


You don’t have to

do anything other than

follow the recipe!

We know the marketplace

and know how to take care

of all of the details that 

maximize your listing for it.


You are no longer restricted

in your availability, location,

or maintenance chores.

We just want an interview! We welcome any opportunity to answer questions for you.

Mark Zeigler: 904-

Our recipe for success is simple, effective, and proven:


  • Bring boat to Jacksonville. Boat will be kept undercover at Lambs Yacht Center or
    Our partners at Port 32 marina at Ortega Landing

  • Gather personal belongings you’ll need while off the boat


  • Our resources can move and store any additional items you want to keep

  • Pay to have the exterior waxed. We have resources that can do this for a very reasonable rate


Once boat is clean and waxed we take it
from there
 with no additional charge  for:

  • Completely detail engine room, bilge, lazzerette, and interiors

  • Stage interior including new bedding

  • Professionally photograph and video

  • Advertise on YachtWorld,, and posted to YouTube

  • Routine washing and cleaning of boat throughout listing

Our concierge service means you do
nothing else but sign seller’s documents.


That means you don’t have to:

  • Keep the boat clean

  • Prepare for each showing

  • Monitor people aboard

  • Clean up/close up afterwards

  • Take boat on sea trial

  • Negotiate to maximize return

  • Coordinate, print, or notarize, sales and documentation paperwork

We are respectful of your needs with high standards for ourselves and those we work with.

I Didn't Care To "Do it alone"

My husband passed away in August in Delaware. Needless to say, I didn't care to "do it alone", so I inquired at our marina for a recommendation for a local broker to list the boat for sale.  I am very thankful I interviewed Mark. He understood my situation and handled everything in a very professional manner.  Since I chose to stay in Delaware with family, Mark dealt with everything for me, including going to the boat and starting the generator every day for several days when the power was knocked out by a Hurricane. What a lifesaver he was.  All the paperwork was handled long distance without me ever having to go to Jacksonville.  My boat sold for a very fair price and it only took 32 days from the time I signed the listing contract to the time the money was wired to my bank account.  That is unheard of for this size and type boat.  I would definitely recommend Mark Zeigler Yacht Sales to anyone looking to sell their boat.  THANKS MARK AND CREW!!! – Debbie Graham

100 Stars If We Could

If we could give Mark 100 stars we would.  We had decided to put our boat on the market and by lucky chance we met Mark on the dock where he was attending to another boat.  He offered to take a look at ours and talk about his approach to selling a boat. He had us move all our personal possessions off the boat, and went to work learning everything he could about it, from its strong pluses to its quirks and to the minuses.  He cleaned it, had it polished and staged all within a week of our departure. His stated goal was to sell it within 6 months, which we were happy with.  He got it sold in 3 WEEKS, for which we are still in absolute awe. He took charge of the entire inspection and survey process, rarely needing our input as he had made the effort to know the boat so well.  He kept the buyers happy and assured during the process of repairing the issues from the survey report.  He went so far above and beyond our expectations and experience with other boat dealers that we would never dream of using a different broker in the future. 

A HUGE thank you to him and his team. – John Silsby

Interview Us Today: Mark Zeigler 904- 
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