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4508 Lakeside Dr, Jacksonville, FL

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Charles Garland

I recently purchased a four year old 23' Rossiter through Mark. The value added by Mark, through his hands on service, and his knowledge is outstanding. Albeit I intend on keeping this boat for a number of years. My next boat will most likely come from Mark as well

John Silsby


If we could give Mark 100 stars we would.  We had decided to put our boat on the market and by lucky chance we met Mark on the dock where he was attending to another boat.  He offered to take a look at ours and talk about his approach to selling a boat.  We were quickly sold by his warmth and attitudes.  He had us move all our personal possessions off the boat, and went to work learning everything he could about it, from its strong pluses to its quirks and to the minuses.  He cleaned it, had it polished and staged all within a week of our departure. His stated goal was to sell it within 6 months, which we were happy with.  He got it sold in 3 WEEKS, for which we are still in absolute awe. He took charge of the entire inspection and survey process, rarely needing our input as he had made the effort to know the boat so well.  He kept the buyers happy and assured during the process of repairing the issues from the survey report.  He went so far above and beyond our expectations and experience with other boat dealers that we would never dream of using a different broker in the future.  A Huge thank you to him and his team.

4 months ago-

We are Canadian boaters hoping to enjoy our 6th season cruising South Florida waterways.
When docked in Jacksonville last spring 2018 for canvas and other upgrades on our 42' SeaRay aft cabin, we saw a listing Mark had a few slips down on a 48' Jefferson. After inquiring about the listing, Mark was prompt, flexible and accommodating to let us view that boat. His knowledge of the yacht was complete and so helpful for us to understand the features, pros and cons.
After seeing this spacious and seaworthy upgrade in excellent condition, we decided to list our Sea Ray with Mark and begin the search for our next boat. Extensive repairs had been planned for our boat over the summer. Mark was on standby during that time, offering storage for our belongings and staging once the repairs were completed.
Mark's pricing and attentiveness attracted a buyer within 90 days of the listing.
Mark endeavoured to find us something that fit our list of preferences, but was bold enough to introduce us to other models outside of our specs. Trips to Key West, New Jersey and an offer on an unobtainable boat didn't deter him from investigating. Ironically, we ended up purchasing the Jefferson that first inspired us to sell. A 'clean, quality' boat, that fit our needs. Very low inventory in this category was available.
During the entire process Mark brokered contractors for survey, upgrades, improvements, repairs, even procuring a better slip for us in the marina. HIs involvement resulted in significant savings for us.
We are happy to have secured a yacht suitable for us - not my husband's beasty dream boat that he and Mark will continue to pursue, but still wonderful. If the time comes, we would not hesitate to secure him as the agent to list or buy with. Mark's professionalism and results make that an easy decision. His Jacksonville location is ideal for attracting buyers and coordinating all the components that go into buying or selling a yacht


a year ago-

I highly recommend Mark Ziegler Yacht Sales to anyone looking to purchase a boat of any size. We recently purchased our first NEW boat from Mark and couldn’t be more pleased with the entire process. His knowledge, patience, and over all level of service both before AND  after the sale, are unmatched. He spent a lot of time making sure we were selecting the right boat for us, assisted us with financing options, made sure we had EVERYTHING we needed to hit the water safely and with confidence. His expertise and depth of knowledge extends from runabouts to large yachts, and he is very well respected in the NE FL boating community. Even many weeks after the sale, Mark is completely committed to his clients. We will love this boat for years, but when we are ready, Mark Ziegler will handle our next boat purchase.

Jason Green


a year ago-

Mark recently sold my 43' Solo/Selene.  My husband passed away in August in Delaware.  We had been living on our boat for four years when he became too sick to continue that lifestyle. Needless to say, I didn't care to "do it alone", so I inquired at our marina for a recommendation for a local broker to list the boat for sale.  I am very thankful they suggested Mark.  He understood my situation and handled everything in a very professional manner.  Since I chose to stay in Delaware with family, Mark dealt with everything for me, including going to the boat and starting the generator every day for several days when the power was knocked out by Hurricane Irma.  What a lifesaver he was.  All the paperwork was handled long distance without me ever having to go to Jacksonville.  My boat sold for a very fair price and it only took 32 days from the time I signed the listing contract to the time the money was wired to my bank account.  That is unheard of for this size and type boat.  I would definitely recommend Mark Zeigler Yacht Sales to anyone looking to sell their boat.  THANKS MARK AND CREW!!!

John and Debbie Graham

Kenneth Armistead

2 years ago-

Mark Zeigler is located in Jacksonville, FL near the Ortega River. We approached Mark in an effort to help us sell our 2007 Larson 28’ Cabrio. Mark did a great job representing our boat and always had our best interest in mind. For Mark, the Broker/Client relationship is so important. It’s also important for the broker to get to know and understand the needs of the family he is representing whether they are selling their current boat or looking for their next. We found Mark to be very honest and professional. I recommend mark for any of your boat brokerage needs. He gets the job done.

Gary Brown

a year ago-

Mark recently handled the sale of my 40' Mainship and I was very pleased with the way he took care of the details from start to finish. Since my wife and I now live 6 hours away his relationships with service providers saved me a lot of time and money and kept things moving. It turned out his suggested listing price was right on the money and resulted in a timely sale. I would not hesitate to use him again to buy or sell my next boat.

Harriet Kline

2 years ago-

Mark provided outstanding customer service in our purchase of a Rossiter Loudon Rowboat.  A trusted dealer for Rossiter who went out of his way in meeting us halfway to deliver the boat.  Marks company is a perfect fit with the level of quality provided in Rossiterboats.

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